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American Honda reports strong sales numbers for September 2017
 Date: October 03, 2017 09:38
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: Honda PR
 Credibility Rating: Not Specified

Both Cars and Trucks Drive Record September Sales for American Honda

Oct 3, 2017 - TORRANCE, Calif.
  • American Honda sets new September records for total vehicle sales (up 6.8%) and total truck sales (up 0.5%)
  • Honda Division also nets September records for total vehicles (up 7.4%), cars (up 14.5%) and trucks (up 0.2%); Acura trucks also set new September record (up 2.4%)
  • Honda Civic smashes previous best September, jumping 25.8% over 2016
  • Honda HR-V sets ninth straight monthly record, gaining 17.1% for best September
  • Honda core products Accord, Civic and CR-V combine for nearly 100,000 sales
  • Acura MDX has record September as sales jump 8.9%

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today reported best-ever September total sales of 142,722 Honda and Acura vehicles, an increase of 6.8 percent vs. September 2016. Honda Division also set a new September record, gaining 7.4 percent on sales of 129,776 units. Honda cars and truck both set September records, with cars gaining 14.5 percent on sales of 69,407, and trucks up 0.2 percent on sales of 60,369 units, even as supplies of key truck models remain tight. Acura Division sales rose 1.0 percent on sales of 12,946 vehicles for the month, with trucks setting a new September record—gaining 2.4 percent on sales of 9,061 units.

Strong sales of both cars and trucks fired Honda brand sales gains in September, pushing the brand to new records for both. Civic stole the show, posting a 25.8 percent jump for a new September mark, while Accord gained nearly 10 percent for the month despite being at the end of its lifecycle. On the truck side, HR-V extended its streak of record sales months to nine, while Pilot enjoyed a double-digit gain helped by a recent increase in production volume. However, tight supplies of key models checked sales growth with the remainder of the Honda truck lineup.
  • Civic sales jumped 25.8 percent on sales of 35,452 to smash its previous September best.
  • Accord posted a notable total 29,789 sales for the month, gaining 9.5 percent as it continues to buck industry sales trends even in its final days on the market.
  • HR-V also set a new September mark, extending its 2017 record streak to nine months with a gain of 17.1 percent on sales of 8,024 units.
  • Sales of Honda's Pilot rose sharply in September, up 11.8 percent on sales of 10,295 while CR-V posted another strong month of 30,956 despite inventory issues.

"Honda is enjoying a sales situation that, while still favoring truck growth, has been punctuated by new strength on the car side of the equation," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president of the Automobile Division of American Honda. "After a strong media launch of the 2018 Accord last week, we're excited to see how this great new car contributes in the coming months."


Acura sales rose slightly in September, continuing a steady pace driven by the on-going strength of the Acura MDX and RDX and supplemented by continued recent gains by Acura's gateway sedan, the ILX, which has performed well above the industry in the segment. Acura trucks set a new September best, driven by the MDX which also set a September record.

  • ILX sales gained for the fourth straight month, rising 33.4 percent on September sales of 1,222.
  • With production of the MDX now transferred completely to Ohio, production increases are already reaping benefits as MDX gained 8.9 percent on sales of 5,368 for a new September record.

"Despite softened sales in several key segments where we compete, Acura was able to continue sales gains in September," said Jon Ikeda, vice president & general manager of the Acura division. "With production changes helping our MDX inventory, we will continue efforts to gain sales momentum."

Last edited by JeffX on October 03, 2017 11:17

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